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June 26th-29th

Professional life coach Carrie Saks is offering a four session summer empowerment series to help your child:


“Own your Awesome and Step into your Power!”


These hands-on, experiential, interactive workshops are designed to help build your child’s self-esteem, navigate the difficult waters of being a teen, and empower them with tools to choose how they want to show up in their life! Appropriate for ages 12 and up.


Cost:  $200                  Location:  Sugar Land Prep


June 26th – June 29th Monday - Thursday 2-4 pm 


Day 1:   Mindfulness/Meditation/Gratitude


We’ll explore what it means to be fully present, unplugged and in the moment; experience simple meditation/centering techniques that can be done anywhere, anytime to reduce stress and anxiety; practice mindful eating; talk about the power of gratitude; and finally introduce the concept of replacing negative beliefs with more empowering thoughts that will help us to change our feelings and actions.


Day 2:  Breaking through Obstacles & Telling Your Critic to Take a Hike!


Most times the biggest obstacles to succeeding come from within. Ideas or beliefs and especially that little inner voice that tells us “I’m not good enough, smart enough, popular enough, etc.,” can really hold people back. We’ll explore these major obstacles and the ways to break through them and “rewrite the rules” of our lives.  We’ll end this workshop with a fun project assignment to personify our inner critic and what it represents to us.


Day 3:  The Power of Intuition


We will start this workshop sharing our inner critic projects.  Then we will move into intuition. We all have had the experience of knowing a song was going to come on the radio before it does, or thinking of someone and immediately getting a text from him or her.  Or, feeling like a friend might have an ulterior motive or a situation just doesn’t “feel right.”  Learn how to pay attention to that “gut feeling” or “internal” warning light” and let it guide you. We’ll practice paying attention to how certain things feel in our body, talk about the various ways intuition shows up, why it is important to pay attention to it, and then further develop these skills.


Day 4:   Visioning & Goal Setting


Through a series of visioning exercises, we will let our right brain flow freely and explore all the possibilities and dreams we have.  Then, we will learn about goal setting and setting intentions for what we want to accomplish this summer, next year or in five years.  We’ll learn to set realistic goals and talk about the power of accountability.  We will also explore the idea of owning our awesome and believing in ourselves! 

For more information contact:  713-679-1782

TEEN EMPOWERMENT WORKSHOP: Own your Awesome and Step into Your Power

Sugar Land, Texas

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