“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes.  You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”


-- Dr Seuss

Helping others find their true passion is my passion!

My whole life has been about forming deep connections with people and helping them to discover their true value and potential. My greatest joy is to inspire others to propel themselves forward to live a more fulfilling life.  Facing a period of transition can be scary, but often times, shifting to a new phase of life can be an incredible gift. I want to help you "Shift to the Gift" of change.

Although I had worked in public relations and marketing early in my career, I was a stay-at-home mom for most of my 23-year marriage. After my marriage dissolved, I was faced with the challenge or re-entering the workforce after not working outside the home for more than 20 years. I was no longer someone's wife and no longer sure of my purpose or who I wanted to be. I needed to redefine who I was, rediscover my passions, realign my purpose and move forward to create a new life. I launched a successful marketing/freelance writing business, did a lot of self-work, and am now the happiest I have ever been. I have reached the point where I can truly view my divorce as a gift. 


While I enjoyed my marketing business, I realized my calling and passion was no longer consulting and developing marketing campaigns/strategies for other people, but to inspire and help people “brand themselves” into the person they want to become.

Through coaching, I help people make positive changes in their lives, navigate transitions and create more balance and harmony. I utilize a powerful, tried-and-true coaching methodology from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching—a fully accredited program by the International Coach Federation. Recently, I co-founded The Women’s Health Initiative of Houston–a community-based network to nourish, heal, inspire and empower women by promoting mental and physical wellness, and have co-hosted a series of mindfulness workshops in the Houston area.


Other than raising my three sons, I've spent most of my spare time over the past several years traveling around the world. These adventures have allowed me to explore new places, embrace different cultures and expand my perspectives on life. 


Carrie and I connected immediately when she was doing marketing consulting work for my company. I hired her later to work with me personally as a coach, and she helped me to see what I had known in my heart — it was time for me to make a major career move. She intuitively was able to hone in on what was holding me back, and encouraged me to move forward by helping me create an action plan!  I’ve never been happier and have never looked back! 

- Pamela M.  Denver, Colorado

Carrie has a unique ability to provide clarity while offering a listening ear and has helped me to develop concrete solutions to many of the challenges I've faced. She got me in the habit of removing the emotion I tend to attach to EVERYTHING, which in the past would often lead to procrastination or paralyzing fear. Facing obstacles with more objectivity and reason has allowed me to make progress toward my goals.


Carrie is that "safe place to fall," but she won't let you stay "there" for long before redirecting you to your next steps needed to create your OWN path so you can reach your desired results.

-- Anna P, Kansas City

I had been a caregiver for both my parents, as well as a single mother for many years. In addition, I worked in a demanding retail career.  After my parents passed away and my son went off to college, I had some health issues that forced me to give up my retail job. I suddenly found myself with time on my hands and no real direction. Through working with Carrie, she helped me see that it was ok for me to just enjoy this down time in my life as long as it was my choice. Instead of internalizing other people’s agendas who thought I should be doing something more productive, I was able to finally embrace the calm and enjoy my life as it is right now. 

                                                                                    -- Lisa G, Houston, Texas

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